Website Design & Development

Does your website need a major overhaul?

Your website is a major reflection of your business to potential new customers. A tired, out of date website reflects badly and can be costing you thousands in lost business!
We perform professional website upgrades at affordable prices. Upgrading the design of a website is a relatively quick, painless process which takes just a few weeks, not months. Assuming that the content on your website is not going to change drastically during the upgrade, we can re-skin your website in a process much like walking into a beauty salon and walking out looking a million dollars!

• A website design customised to match your business’ logo and colour scheme
• Up to 5 pages of information (or more if you need additional pages)
• The ability to edit the website yourself on our MySuperWeb platform
• An enquiry form with an autoresponder
• Up to 10 email address
• A domain name recommendation from our consultants

E-Commerce Web Design

Utilise the latest online storefront technology

With a range of e-commerce solutions to choose from, we can make your products available for purchasing online in no time, starting from just $4,500.

Whether it is a pre-packaged solution to keep the cost down or a fully customised online ordering system, our team of website developers can have you selling online with a professionally developed e-commerce solution, sooner than you think:
• Paypal & eWay setup and integration (we can integrate with all major merchant accounts)
• Secure order form setup with SSL encryption
• Fully customisable shopping-cart solutions
• Secure email facilities for receiving credit card orders

How it Works

Concepts, Revisions, and Payments?

Concepts – are the preliminary works created by the designer. These designs are based on the brief that the client has filled out and any discussions that were had. They can also be based on a template (pre-made design which is customized).

Revisions – are a list of changes that the client would like to see in the concept designs. For example, say you have a logo designed but would like the text to be a different size, the color to be changed, part of the design rotated, etc. You would fill out a Revision Sheet, listing all the changes you would like.

A Revision Sheet will be found in your Box workspace. One Revision Sheet for each Concept. A Revision Set is for ONE concept only.

Payments- are made online and in stages. You will receive your invoice via email. Paypal is an online invoicing service that will generate your proposal, invoice, and enable you to pay online straight from the invoice using Paypal or credit card. You will also be able to view your payment history from the Paypal account. Your first invoice will have a payment for the first stage(generally the concept stage), then the invoice will be amended to include the next stage, resent, and so on until all outstanding payments are made.