The difference between split systems and Ducted Air Con Systems

When you are thinking of putting an aircon in your place, you will be stuck between choosing between a ducted and split air con system. There is a vast difference between a split system and ducted air con systems, so better take the time to know which is best for you. Yes, there are many things to consider when buying an air-con, as it is a huge investment. It is not one of those things that you can buy out of the blue. You can’t blame yourself if you are not too familiar with these two systems. The good news is that we have assembled a list of all the differences you need to know between a split system and a duct system. Here are the most important ones that you would want to remember:


Give the advantage to ducted systems here as it is far quieter than split systems. There will probably be times when you forgot that the air con is on. You will only know it when the entire place gets colder. The good news is that it won’t disturb the other people living in the house. Yes, some people would have a hard time sleeping if the air-con system is a bit noisy.


The ducting is more expensive so if you don’t want to spend too much on your AC system, then go for split. Keep in mind that you would need to put one in each room you would need to put air con in. As a result, the costs are going to pile up. Better dedicate a budget for the air-con system and canvass various models until you arrive with the one that would fit your budget along with its specifications.


It is pretty even here as it is easy to control both systems. You can have a remote for duct so you don’t have to worry about how you will turn it on and off. There is a temperature control located in the middle of the house for some duct systems, which is another convenient way of adjusting the appliance’s temperature.


The nice part about duct systems is that they will become even more efficient as years pass by. As for split systems, you would need to regularly maintain these things to get the best out of them consistently. Be sure to hire professionals to clean your air con. Never try and do it yourself as you may end up damaging the air con system on more than one occasion.


You won’t need to make room for a duct system since it cools the entire place through the vents. On the other hand, you will need to move a few objects to install a split system because it must be installed on a room’s wall. While the duct system is designed to cool an entire property, the split system will only cool an entire room. Thus, you would need to consider your property’s size to determine which of the two systems you would need. If it is a pretty big one, you will save more when you go for a duct system. If it is not that big, you can just buy a couple of split air cons.

Now that you know the differences between the two air con systems, you should consider all the factors into your decision. If it is a cost you are concerned about, it would be better to opt for a split air con system. On the other hand, if you want something a bit quiet, then go for duct type.

Both types are expected to last a long time, so it will be sometime before you need to buy another air con system. That would be a sigh of relief as installing the air con systems take quite a few hours. Yes, that means there will be a few hours without an air-con system. Those few hours are going to be pretty hot as you may be forced to temporarily evacuate the premises.

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