DIY Installation of a Digital TV Antenna

Installation of a digital TV antenna is quite easy. You have to take care of a few things before installation. One of the important factors affecting the strength of the signal and its quality is the location of the antenna to be installed.

Considering the type of Digital TV Antenna at your place

You need to do a little search about the type of antenna suited for your location. You can have a view of your neighbors’ antenna. The antennas that they are using for their homes are exactly what you should pursue for as you must need the antennas with that same configuration. You should be aware of the reception quality and its distance at which it can provide good signals. You should also be aware of the correct band coverage as well as polarization of the antenna required for your location.

Appropriate Location for your TV Aerial Mount

TV Aerial Mount lets you know the signal reception quality of your location. Some locations don’t need any particular area to install antenna because of good reception quality and strong signals wherever they attach the antenna. Some locations require a proper place for a setup such as in the case of mountains. The exact and right location can be found by using a Digital TV signal strength meter.


Buy the appropriate antenna as per your TV requirements. Assemble the antenna according to the instructions given in the manual. Take proper care of the corner reflectors as well as other elements that they point in the right direction of the TV towers. Also, make sure to check if it is set to the right polarization for local TV transmitters.

Discharge the mounting clamp so as to put up the diameter of the mounting pole and then slip it onto the pole. Tighten the nuts of the pole with the fingers tightly so that antenna could get some support and can have freedom to rotate easily. When the position of the antenna is adjusted, tighten the other mount type nut with a spanner. It should not be over-tight. It should be tight enough that you can’t be able to move it with your hands.

Lope the Cable Lead

Lope the RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable to your TV socket or you may have it looped in a central splitter area. The cable can lope under a tile roof house or a roof tile house. If your house is covered with a metal roof, you need to make a hole to pass the cable through. Large numbers of sealant silicon should be used for the purpose of securing the place from leakage.

Some houses having raised floors are easy to install the antenna and can have better access to the TV cables.

Connecting the antenna with the Cable Lead

TV antenna can be connected to a cable lead in two ways. One is saddle and the other is the clamp. But in the case of digital TV antennas, these are not found much. But still, if you want to try this out, be careful in using the connection and make sure the connection is sealed all over.

One more very important thing to keep in mind is to cover the cable with weather protection boot before it is going to be used and one side having a connector at the end of the cable. When you have a boot on the cable, just strip the coax cable to install the connector.

Twist the cable on the socket at the antenna and locate the weather boot at its place. This will make a secure connection to your cable with the help of black cable ties that re UV protected. Make sure to leave an extra loop of cable at the bottom of the pole of the antenna for future termination.

Installing a Digital TV antenna is as simple. If you want a pro in to install your antennas in Geelong, contact a local install business. You must be thinking that it should have been one by. Yes, anyone can do this. You don’t need to wait for your electrician to install your digital TV antenna.

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